Delivering Growth


In the private sector, all business leaders dream of delivering growth. In the public sector delivering ‘more with less’ is a common theme. Growth and efficiency can only be achieved by changing the commercial focus and behaviour of everyone connected with the organisation.

The Winning Formula® performance framework helps leaders to create high-performing organisations, managed by high-performing managers, supported by high-performing teams of high-performing individuals.

The framework demonstrates how to identify the barriers, challenges and performance issues unique to the organisation, manage the ‘growing pains’ likely to be faced on the journey and importantly, reach the next level of growth.

When I first engaged The Winning Formula®, I never thought that their approach would help us achieve such success. £20 million of growth and many business awards within two and a half years says it all. I would and do regularly recommend their development approach to anyone serious about growing their business.

David Pollock, Chief Executive of Chess Telecom.