The Winning Formula


The top 10 characteristics of a growing and successful organisation.

Every Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Managing Director and Owner Manager we have ever met, dreams of building a successful and growing organisation. As business leaders they rarely think of, or consider the prospect of failure.

Likewise, employees dream of being part of a successful and growing organisation. No one nowadays wants to work for, or be part of, a failing business.

Success and growth are the biggest discussion areas in any boardroom, in any company, anywhere on the planet. In today’s highly competitive world, the cost of failure is high, but the benefits associated with success can change people’s lives.

A successful and growing business benefits everyone at every level in the organisation.

For employees greater job security can be realised. Career opportunities become available for those who want them. New skills are learned. Bonuses are often available linked to the success of the company. Friendships are formed that can last a lifetime.

For leaders a long term dream or aspiration can be realised – perhaps linked to an idea, a vision, a hope or a brand. Jobs are created in communities. Personal wealth and the desire to maximise the commercial potential of their business plays a big part in their thinking.

Being part of something special is very important to leaders. Our clients often tell us that being part of a team creating a growing business is one of their great lifetime experiences.

Few people realise the dream

Very few people, however, realise the dream or benefit from being part of this unique commercial experience. We often remind people attending our Winning Formula® events that in a work life of, say, thirty years, they will be lucky to personally enjoy two or three truly motivating and worthwhile job experiences. Very few will also be lucky to be part of a growing and successful organisation once in their lifetime.

If you have beaten these odds then congratulate yourself. If you are currently experiencing the joys of success and growth be thankful. Many of your friends have not, or will not, beat these odds.

Since 1995 we have been privileged to work with leaders and their teams in many successful organisations. As performance specialists, it’s inspiring to be part of their growth experience. Helping ambitious leaders to realise their dreams is one of the greatest rewards of the client relationship.

Characteristics of a growing organisation

We are often asked to describe what sets average performing organisations apart from growing businesses. There are a number of factors:

  1. The leader at the head of the organisation is hugely ambitious and driven to succeed
  2. They have a clear idea of where they see the future for the business
  3. They are able to communicate their vision in a manner which inspires others to join them
  4. Employees look forward to coming to work. Jobs are not just jobs. Their role becomes an important part of their life
  5. A positive attitude permeates across the organisation resulting in an energising and inspiring workplace experience for everyone
  6. Success breeds more success and the intoxicating atmosphere created in the workplace becomes addictive to others
  7. As a result, recruiting and retaining talent becomes easier to achieve
  8. Everyone connected with the business understands the importance of sales revenue, operational efficiency and profit to the success of the business
  9. Overcoming obstacles, challenges and trading highs and lows are part and parcel of the journey experience
  10. Collective accountability and commitment are cultural norms across the business

Very importantly, everyone connected with a growing organisation understands that they are part of something quite unique and as a result they will do everything possible to perform to their potential.


All growing organisations demonstrate a high degree of innovation, focus and pride in what they do. This is demonstrated in the conversations overheard in the bars and clubs on a Friday evening. Next time you hear someone updating their friends with stories about their week with passion and pride, remember they are likely to be part of a growing company and a business that’s going places.

Best wishes on your journey wherever it may take you.