Leadership Development

Lighthouse Steering an organisation on its unique journey is one of the biggest personal challenges facing all leaders. Although the end goal, the destination may stay the same, the conditions experienced on the journey will be different within six months, and different again within a year.

Why? Because internal and external issues and events will constantly change the commercial landscape in which the organisation operates in.

Navigating the landscape has become the new core requirement of the 21st century leader. To deliver success, a more flexible, adaptable leadership approach is needed to keep everyone connected with the organisation on track – a framework that adapts to changing conditions on the journey.

The Winning Formula® provided our growing financial services business with invaluable insights related to its growth journey and played a significant part in our ability to seamlessly move from one phase in our company’s development to the next. It also helped my management team see key objectives more clearly and to deliver our ambitious plans as both our internal and external environments moved through periods of significant change.

Jonathan Back, Former Senior Executive Vice President, MBNA Europe Bank.