People Engagement

Experts agree that levels of people engagement and business performance are inextricably linked. Forward-thinking leaders in the 21st century define engagement as the ‘buy-in and support’ achieved to the organisation’s future plans on their unique journey.

Great leaders believe that collective focus is required nowadays to create a high-performing organisation and that includes tapping into the performance potential of everyone associated with the company.

The Winning Formula performance framework equips leaders with evidence-based, ‘real world’ insight and the practical and inspirational tools needed to improve the engagement level of everyone connected with their organisation – including external suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

The Winning Formula® works exceptionally well and in my opinion, should not only be shared with business leaders, but with Human Resources professionals, who play a key role in advising leaders in engaging their people and ultimately impacting outputs for all.

Adele Ventre-Downey, Head of HR, Alternative Futures Group