The Leadership Masterclass

Steering an organisation on its unique growth journey is one of the biggest personal challenges facing all leaders. Although the end goal, the destination may stay the same, the conditions experienced on the journey will be different within six months, and different again within a year.

Why? Because internal and external issues and events will constantly change the commercial landscape in which the organisation operates in.

Navigating the landscape has become the new core requirement of the 21st century leader. To deliver success, a more flexible, adaptable leadership approach is needed to keep everyone connected with the organisation on track – a framework that adapts to changing conditions on the journey.

The Winning Formula® is an inspirational and powerful performance framework designed to support and equip leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills required to create agile, successful and sustainable organisations’.

The simple, award-winning approach enables leaders to transform their organisation, lead and inspire change, deliver accelerated growth, improve operational efficiency and maximise the human performance potential of their people.

The performance framework focuses on six key areas of strategic and operational importance – Research, Strategy, Engagement, Motivation, Development and Ownership.

The Winning Formula® takes into account the vision and strategic direction of the organisation and offers a bespoke and seamless solution to improving the performance of everyone connected with the company.

The Leadership Masterclass demonstrates how to successfully navigate colleagues on the journey towards the creation of a more agile, successful and sustainable organisation.

The Winning Formula® framework is research-based, tried, tested and proven to work in small, medium-size and large organisations.   It is no management fad, initiative or sticking plaster approach to delivering performance and growth. It continues to be used by many of our clients nearly a decade after they were first introduced to it.

John Stein, Founder of The Winning Formula®