How to Create a Performance Climate

‘How to create a performance climate’ is a speciality leadership development solution focusing on the MOTIVATION element of the Winning Formula® performance framework.

It is available in a personal coaching, executive team consulting and licensed delivery format.

The quality of the working environment is important to building a high-performing business.

The development process focuses on the creation of the performance climate needed throughout the organisation to enable others to perform to their potential.

The role of the leader is to identify what motivates and demotivates individuals and to take the appropriate action to help them to overcome any personal frustrations, variations and plateaus in performance. ‘How to create a performance climate’ demonstrates how to:

  •  Identify the performance challenges facing the organisation
  • Define what high-performance looks like
  • Improve the leaders’ motivational skills on the journey.

The Winning Formula® approach takes into account the strategic and operational needs of the organisation and offers a bespoke and seamless solution to improving the performance of everyone connected with the company.

The Winning Formula® framework is research-based, tried, tested and proven to work in small, medium-size and large organisations.   It is no management fad, initiative or sticking plaster approach to delivering performance and growth. It continues to be used by many of our clients nearly a decade after they were first introduced to it.

John Stein, Founder of The Winning Formula®