Our Signature Dish


Every business should have a product or service which defines them as an organisation, a ‘signature dish’ which has established their reputation in their marketplace. HIGHLIGHTED BELOW IS OUR SIGNATURE DISH – an inspirational and interactive event linked to the performance needs of your organisation on the growth journey.

The Winning Formula® Growth Strategy Workshop

The Winning Formula® Growth Strategy Workshop is an inspirational leadership event focusing on six identified areas of strategic and operational importance critical to success on the business growth journey.

Using our award winning framework, the event demonstrates to leaders and managers in your organisation how to navigate the twists and turns on the journey. The workshop also demonstrates how to:

  • Increase you and your colleagues understanding of the ‘Growth’ journey
  • Inspire others to sign up and join you and your colleagues
  • Produce an inspirational ‘Blueprint for Success’ to use on the journey
  • Overcome the challenges and obstacles likely to be faced in the future
  • Improve operational efficiency and increase productivity
  • Retain and maximise the talent that exists within your organisation
  • Change the people mindset throughout the business
  • Create and sustain a culture of high performance working
  • Improve the communication ‘grapevine’ within the organisation
  • Motivate your people to support and achieve their targets and objectives
  • Improve the quality of leadership across all areas of the business
  • Maximise the use of internal and external resources and people

Importantly, the event will demonstrate how to use the power of vision, values and culture to drive performance and growth whilst keeping everyone on track throughout the time period of the journey.

The Winning Formula® Growth Strategy Workshop is a MUST HAVE event for ambitious leaders and managers wishing to reach the next level of growth on the journey.We have enjoyed a 100% satisfaction rating by leaders attending this event. The approach has enabled our clients to achieve spectacular growth and performance results.

John Stein, Founder of Winning Formula®