The Winning Formula® Performance Event

The Winning Formula® Performance Event is an interactive and inspirational event used by leaders to announce to everyone connected with their organisation their new and exciting plans for growth.

The event format is popular with organisations about to embark on a new journey as a result of a change in strategy or direction for the business, an important merger or acquisition, or on the back of new support from private equity or other external investors.

Energising the business and gaining commitment from internal colleagues and external parties is vitally important to getting off to a great start on the new journey.

The event is delivered in conjunction with the senior management team in the organisation and is designed around the ambitious, future plans for the business.

Communication themes delivered at the event include the commercial landscape facing the organisation, opportunity, route map, engagement, accelerated growth, momentum and the importance of high-performance working.

The organisation’s future plans, vision, strategy, values and unique culture are woven into the design and delivery of the event.

Suppliers, partners, investors and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

Each individual leaving the event will fully understand the future plans for the business and their personal contribution and expected level of support towards the future success of the organisation.

The Winning Formula® Performance Event can be delivered to small groups of personnel or can be adapted for a larger company-wide conference setting, depending upon the client’s requirements.

The Winning Formula® framework is research-based, tried, tested and proven to work in small, medium-size and large organisations.   It is no management fad, initiative or sticking plaster approach to delivering performance and growth. It continues to be used by many of our clients nearly a decade after they were first introduced to it.

John Stein, Founder of The Winning Formula®